The Knights of Gaia clan (aka =.KoG.= ) is always looking for fresh blood!
Recent clan, we are always looking for players who are cool and who also know
what it means to play as a team.
What we want precisely:
– Older than 18 years old (for Clan members)
– No VAC ban
– Sex, Origin, Religion, CV : Irrelevant (we are internationnal)
– Respect others
– Member of our Steam group page
– Member of our DISCORD server

We are not especially looking for members who play only games we support, nor play only on KoG servers, you aren’t getting paid for this after all, it’s GAMING.
This also means, never forget this is all about gaming! Being part of a clan doesn’t necessarly means a very strict structure with lots of rules and so on,
the few we have can be reduce to just: “have fun and respect others”, not hard isn’t it?

In addition we want our members to take it easy, should you involve yourself more in the clan is awesome of course, but we all have our lives too: work, family, health, hobbies and so on, thus we don’t force our members to do anything exept:
everyone to have fun with us and help us getting the best place for… Gaming when they can! Our other goal is to connect people from all around the world regardless of origin, gender, beliefs…

=> When playing on =.KoG.= servers be yourself and help us enforcing rules while getting rid of toxic players at the same time, because it’s all to enjoy gaming afterall!
How to join us and become Clan Member/Admin
How to join us and become Squad Member


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