Why donating?

As you all know, servers are not free. So far since =.KoG.=  creation, I’ve been handling the bills of all servers. We are running them on dedicated servers. This allows us to not pay an insane amount as if we were using  Gameservers.com That being said, VAT included, servers costs are at 84 euros/month => 1032 euros/year
If you enjoy playing on =.KoG.= servers, and want to give us a hand with the bills, you are more than welcome to do so! Please note that helping with the bills won’t give you any special treatment if you break our rules.However in addition to helping us, you’ll be labelled on our servers as VIP depending on how much you help =.KoG.= .
Every week total amount of donations will be updated so that everyone can see how it’s going. (if you want to stay anonymous, please at least send an email at: kosmos@kog-clan.com
Now you must be wondering: What will happen once we reach the annual amount? What will happen of the donations? Half of them will be reported for next year bills, and the other half will be accumulated to reach a point which will allow us to get better hardware for new games maybe? This will be up to all of you! If no other games or new server are requested, all the new donations after completion will be dedicated for next year bill.

Here are the VIP status with their Paypal links:

After donating, you can post your transaction ID on STEAM, or DISCORD via PM.
If some people don’t want to let others know they have donated, they should still at least send me a private message or an email at: kosmos@kog-clan.com
so that i can report the donations here too in the target.

  • Current amount donated for 2019:  100 out of 1032 euros.

Last update: 18th of February 2019


Total amount donated for 2018: 558.90 out of 1032 euros.

You can check out our donation register HERE.
Regarding some players who approched me saying “dude why are you asking for donations? If you can’t pay for the bills, don’t start hosting servers in the first place!”
My answer to this? I DO NOT beg for donations, I started this community so that i can play with fellow gamers who share a similar way of thinking regardless of origin, sex, religion, politic and so on.
I struggled hard to find a good compromise regarding cost/efficiency so that despite not being rich, it won’t impact my daily life, and i think that in terms of cost compared to games you pay for some even a hundred for only few hours of actual playtime, it’s still worth it! This also means that yes I will obviously be gratefull whenever someone help me with the bills (even few bucks, it’s always welcome, imagine 1euros / month even half of the members of this group page would mean for our hosting capacity a huge improvement and new heavy games to host too), but it’s NOT mandatory, and exept if something happens to me, the servers for our community will keep on running regardless of donations.

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