\\\\\\\\\\ Welcome to the Knights of Gaia clan page! //////////

Clan founded in September 2017, we are now a multi gaming community operating servers for the following games:
ARMA 3, Battalion 1944, Ballistic Overkill, Codename CURE, Insurgency, Killing Floor 2, and Quake Live.
We are also active on Black Squad, Paladins and Unturned too.
=.KoG.= aims at providing a cheatless and fun environement for as much people as possible!
Here: origin, sex, CV… all of these are irrelevant when joining us.
You’ll see we provide large variety of settings for our servers,
so that everyone can find a place to enjoy gaming!
=.KoG.= it’s also a community with active members, a forum, a Steam group page, Discord server, scores tracked on Gametracker too. All of our servers are VAC/EAC secured. Whenever it’s possible, Battleye is enabled too.


See you all on the battlefield!
=.KoG.= Kosmos
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