\\\\\\\\\\ Welcome to the Knights of Gaia clan page! //////////

Clan founded in September 2017, our clan’s name has its roots with Gaia as mother earth. We are all humans living on same planet. However in order to stick to values such as respect, knight seemed to fit well. Thus Knights of Gaia, not players of Gaia nor soldiers of Gaia.

Since then, we are now a multi gaming community operating servers
for the following games:
Ballistic Overkill, Codename CURE, Insurgency, Insurgency: Sandstorm
and Killing Floor 2.
We are also active on :
Black Squad, Monster Hunter World, Paladins and Unturned too.

=.KoG.= aims at providing a cheatless and fun environement for as many people as possible! Here: origin, sex, CV… all of these are irrelevant when joining us.
You’ll see we provide large variety of settings for our servers,
so that everyone can find a place to enjoy gaming!

=.KoG.= it’s also a community with active members, a forum, a Steam group page, Discord server, scores tracked on Gametracker too. All of our servers are VAC/EAC secured. Whenever it’s possible, Battleye is enabled too.

See you all on the battlefield!

=.KoG.= Kosmos

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